Introducing the World’s First Readerpedia!

“This is a GAME CHANGER! Wayward Son has just been re-released in a brand new Readerpedia Edition for Kindle. The novel itself is superb, spanning eons of history and containing many surprising twists, but the Readerpedia enhancement offers a completely new reading experience. The authors have added over 100 specific Readerpedia entries within Wayward Son. Simply clicking on the highlighted text selections within the novel brings the reader a concise yet informative description of the historical person, place, event or thing, often with pictures and diagrams. Unlike the bland word definitions Kindle normally provides or the time consuming off site search of Wikipedia, Readerpedia entries are in context to the novel and embedded within the e-Book itself. The result is a seamless, interactive learning experience which in turn makes an already colorful novel even more vivid and engaging. After reviewing each entry, one click gets you back to reading, or you may elect to go deeper into a topic utilizing external links in the Readerpedia entries.”

Rick Friedman. Moderator, The James Mason Community Book Club on Goodreads

Get the Readerpedia version of Wayward Son for Kindle here

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